Change is in the Air

“Something’s wrong with the world today.  Don’t know what it is…”

For the past week, I have barely been able to get out of the bed.  I know that some kind of change is in the air.  I have been going strong for over a month and then BAM!, like a load of bricks falling out of the sky.  The fragrant smells of honeysuckle no longer linger in the air way past dusk.  Golden pollen doesn’t litter the surface of the pond outside my door.  The day grows shorter as we grow closer to Rosh Hoshanah. 

This is usually my favorite part of year.  Kids are in school reciting their multiplication tables and reading Newberry Award Winners.  Homework assignments and shopping lists clutter the door of the refridgerator.  Little art projects can be found everywhere.  Persephone is preparing for her annual return to Hades.  Maple trees grow into glorious flaming torches.  Men are cutting grass for the last time this year.  However, my heart and head are heavy, too much so for this young body.

Autumn is coming earlier than usual this year.  The weather has already turned a little cooler.  The animals are soaking in all of the sun they can.  I wonder what is in store for us…  I listen to the wind and hear silence…  Perhaps it is waiting to see what is just around the corner.  There is little anticipation.  Still I sit and wait for the expected.

Once I read on a tombstone that Time was the Eater of Things.  It truly is.  Sometimes I awake to find that Time has swallowed up the entire day.  I hope that it eagerly gulps the next several weeks as we pack, lug boxes, sort through belongings and prepare to move into our new home.  This is a change that I welcome with open arms.  More room to move, more room to breathe, more room to grow, more room to display all of my books.  This change in season will close the doors to an extremely hard year and hopefully open a new, rewarding chapter of Life.  Hashem knows that it may be exactly what I need in order to progress.


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