The Missing Lambda

Recently, I was used by a man who stole my car, money, and belongings just to sell them to others or give them away to strangers.  Since then, I have been “going through the motions” of everyday life: going to the doctor, tutoring, cooking dinner, applying for work, etc.  I even have found a new friend and started a social life once again.  I started my hopeful book, and went to a grad school interview.

Unfortunately, having been taken advantage of, I began losing faith in myself.  I picked up a purse to find a keychain which said Melissa in Ancient Greek that had been broken on the day my belongings were stolen.  Where all of the letters had been there before, now the letter Lambda was missing.  I immediately realized the symbolism.  Without the lambda, my name would only mean “bee.”  I had lost the “honey” which I had always given knowing that a sting might come, but once it did, I lost my sweetness.  The things that make me take the bad is now gone.  I don’t know how or when I will replace that missing “lambda”, but I know that without it, I only feel the sting of the bee.


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