Evergreen Growth

This page is inspired by “creativity coach” Eric Maisel, Ph.D., professional blogger for Whole Living. Com

Infuse Your Day with Creativity: Do a Very Tiny Thing

When does creativity strike?  If  you are like me, it happens at the most inopportune times.  In the shower, driving my car, playing with my nephew in the park, tutoring at a local coffee shop, playing games on Facebook, brushing my teeth, chopping fresh veggies for dinner, etc.

In my quest to “infuse my day with creativity”, I have learned to tweak my daily routine to accommodate those moments of creative bursts.

  1. Carry a blank Moleskine Journal and a set of sketch pencils with sharpener and eraser in my “Grab Bag.”  I do not know how many times I have stopped to pen a verse of poetry, write down a quote, or simply sketch a beautiful flower in just the right light.  Recently, I have discovered the Moleskine website which allows users to download a variety of formats to meet the needs of those who express our creativity in different ways.  I cannot wait to use the recipe format and lined paper which can be glued onto the blank pages.  You can also transfer your blog entries onto a journal pdf and paste them in your book as well!
  2. ALWAYS! keep a good camera on hand.  I stop to take pictures of sunsets, flowers, changing of leaves, dishes that I cook, or a smile that cannot be expressed in words.  Sometimes the pictures themselves can lead to a creative flood.
  3. Discover your favorite author and read all of his/her books.  I am two away from completing the Paulo Coelho books and plan to finish them by the end of the year.  I am constantly inspired by his wisdom.
  4. Find your niche in a magazine and subscribe.  Keep it with you for those times you are waiting in the doctor’s office, in the carpool lane, or right before you drift off to sleep.
  5. Create your own magazine of articles, recipes, or items that you wish to try.  I know I at least have 3 of these as my interests change.  I refer to them often for inspiration.
  6. Find your creative niche… then find a new one.  I always have materials for projects that can be started at a moments notice.  This really helps if you need a craft in the afternoon on a weekend with the kiddies.  It also helps in times when giving a homemade gift is so much nicer than a store bought one.  Share your craft with others.
  7. Keep a set of blank index cards with you to write down things that you need to remember (or want to) and save them for adding to your creative setting when you have the extra time.
  8. Make a creative work-space.  Right now we are putting together a “craft room” which is so helpful to those of us who are the creative types.  I haven’t had one in 5 years and am looking forward to a craft table, room to paint and sew, plus a shelf to house all of my crafting goodies.
  9. Never put a limit on your creativity!
  10. Join a group that shares your interest and designate time to allow for creativity to bloom.  Meetup.com is a great place for this as well as the YMCA and community centers.  Even if you just join an online community like I have, then you can get feedback and support from those who share your interests.  This ignites more creativity!

Make a Space for Your Dreams: How to Create an Altar

In an effort to boost my creativity, I have begun to collect items which move me to make a creativity altar.  For me, my altar will take the form of a French memo board with articles, quotes, pictures, and items which spark my interests from fabric to a fleur-de-lis.  Refer to various websites which will tell you how to create one out of a table or an empty drawer.  If your art and creativity is important to you, give it the justice that it is due.  Perhaps you need an altar to remind you of what you need, what type of job you want, or simply the setting of your holiday table.  Seek inspiration in the ordinary to evoke the extraordinary!


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