Evergreen Grrrl!

This past summer I was hospitalized for perhaps the worse bout of depression I have ever experienced.  This is probably why I chose “To Write Love On Her Arms” as my SocialVibe charity of choice.   Having reached an all time low, with my disability due to chronic migraines and severe fibromyalgia, being unable to teach or finish graduate school, losing my life love, moving back to BFE, and finally the death of my close cousin, I lost the will to continue down this path we call life.

While in the hospital, I met a lovely man who very quickly became a close companion.  Before leaving his stent at the hospital, he drew an amazing picture and gave copies to all of those that had touched him while he was there.  This pencil drawing depicted all of the things that led him to his place in life.  On the bottom, he wrote: “Stay green.”  I pondered over this image for a second because there was nothing “GREEN” about it.  Not even the paper it was drawn on had been recycled.  I asked him what he meant by the phrase and he so eloquently stated that to be green is to be young, always willing to know and grow, taking in all that surrounds us, easily adaptable, and ready for change.

He had no knowledge of my own personal quests: religion, health, independence, wisdom, love, and a greater view of myself and the change that I could make for myself or others.  So I have now adopted this motto of “staying green,” hence the title of this blog.  I hope that you will allow me to travel this road at my own pace with the guidance of those sages that inspire me daily.  I encourage you to travel this road as well, stay evergreen, and allow the grrrl to express herself.